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Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroach Pest Control

The control of cockroach pests is one of the problems that the human being has had to face almost constantly over the years. All this is because these insects have a great ability to adapt to different environments and situations. As if that were not enough, when these animals manage to enter a home they do so in colonies, so it is much more complicated to exterminate the cockroaches definitively.

To carry out fumigation of cockroaches effectively, it is necessary to carry out planning. The correct application of the processes to be carried out will minimize the risks and will serve to make the most of all the cockroach disinfestations measures that we use.

Why Exterminate Cockroaches?

The first reason is that nobody finds it nice to have this type of insect as tenants in our home. In addition to this, they are potential carriers of diseases. They can infect us with many ailments, even contaminating the food we eat.

Identify The Type Of Cockroach.

The most common way of realizing that these invaders roam the home or business is to visualize a specimen outside its warm and humid hideout. It can be on a wall, on a skirting board, in the sink or the bathroom for example.

We can also identify the presence of these insects to find excrement in their passage areas or the shedding of their skin. On the other hand, we can find the damages and the unequivocal marks made by the jaws during their feeding. They also produce unpleasant odors and stains.

Why Are Cockroach Pests Dangerous?

The urban environment has a series of factors that make possible its proliferation: stable climatic conditions, humidity, nutrients, refuge, and absence of predators. They are considered a PLAGUE since due to the high number of individuals they constitute a threat to man and/or his well-being.

Apart from the economic damage they can cause in homes or businesses by spoiling food, products prepared for sale or directly the loss of customers by the bad image that represents that they appear in the establishments and customers see them, the cockroaches They are  transmitters of diseases in humans, such as, diarrhea, dysentery, etc.

  • Their excrements, as well as the shedding of their skin, can contain a high number of allergens that insensitive people can cause hives, sneezing or severe watering.
  • Contamination of food and kitchen utensils by simple contact.
  • Inside the digestive tract, they have a large number of pathogens that expel our environment when they regurgitate food.

How Do You Access The Inside Of My House Or Business?

Blond cockroaches access their home or business by contagion, that is, they are stuck in the goods or objects.

The black and American cockroaches live in the sewers, and from there they pass to our buildings following the connections with the ground and subsoil, passages of sewage and sanitary pipes, pipes in general, cracks, etc.

Ideal shelters: their facilities can provide everything a cockroach seeks; food, heat, and shelter in cracks, joints and small dark spaces where they can be active throughout the year.

Rapid infestation: an invasive cockroach can go unnoticed for months while it reproduces since it develops its activity during the night; for each one you see, it is estimated that there may be 200 more hidden and reproducing in your company. Read More At exterminator manhattan